Self Pride

Not to be confused with being “prideful”. Having pride is being proud of being you! It’s loving the skin you are in, just as you are. It’s not feeling like you have to be anyone but yourself. It’s a really freeing thing really. When you show pride in being yourself, you give the next person permission to do the same. It’s really something that spreads like wildfire, in a good way of course.

When you wear makeup, you must first understand what the makeup is going on top of. You must be one with that person and completely happy with what you see. What you see is a reflection of your inner beauty. So when you shame your outer beauty, you are really shaming yourself at your very core. It’s not so much about the outer, it’s about the inner. It’s the outer that represents the inner, not the other way around.

So, it’s absolutely okay to wear makeup and to dress yourself up in a way that best represents your inner self. But you should not use makeup as a means to be ok with what you have already. I can admit that makeup can be a very theraputic tool. But it can also be a very damaging tool.

So the key is to be completely content with who you are, and enhance that as you wish.

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