My dream

Life is really something that has to be lived. There is no greater teacher than Mrs. Experience herself. You can talk about it, research it, ask for advice, and the whole nine. But nothing will top having lived and learned. I mean, lets be real… that’s how our ancestors did it. How lazy are we to solely rely on their experience alone. Some things have truly never been done before and require a trial and error period to fully understand and map it out for yourself. You won’t have any reference to look up or anything you can really research in order to know what to do next. You’ll have to rely on your gut and see it through.

It kind of sucks because we are so use to having something to go by that we have truly lost the art of innovation and trailblazing. Don’t you want to be that person that shows others the way? Don’t you want to be known for something brand new and marvelous? I do. I simply can’t be fulfilled by walking someone else’s path. I want to do something right out of my own creative mind without much stimulation and influence from outsiders or historians. Of course there will be some hint of something pre-existing that inspires me. But, for the most part I want it to be my own heart that creates it.

I’ve always been that kind of person. From an early age I’ve ALWAYS done things to set myself a part… maybe for the wrong reasons but hell, I did it! I knew how to get attention but, I haven’t always known the words to say once that light shined on me. It’s like I knew what my heart wanted to say but not the best way to articulate it clearly and concisely.

I realize now that the dream I have takes time to fully understand and that my time is just around the corner. All I have to do now, is wait patiently while readying myself for my moment. My dream is to free my people. And when I say my people, I mean everyone who ever felt invisible and less than human for being who they know that they are. I want to free them from feeling like there isn’t a place for them right out front in society. We all possess beauty. I want to show it in all of it’s forms. Whether that be to the “worlds” liking or not. Change has to be forced.

Artofficial is about approving of yourself and expressing it fiercely! You don’t need the world to clap or make you relevant. You strut your stuff right in the faces of the people who say you can’t!

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