Being Yourself In Business

You absolutely have no options if you want to be visible in this world! You have to be yourself or should I say be comfortable and confident with being yourself! There is nothing in this world that can make you more invisible than to be down on yourself and repress your gifts. And the same goes for your business endeavours. The key to successfully touching the lives of others and making a change in the world you see around you is ultimately just being yourself.

There are thousands of copycats out there mimicking what they’ve seen done in “history”. You have to make your own history and by doing so you have to be willing to express the authentic you confidently in your craft. Often times if people can relate to you they will buy whatever it is that you’re selling. It’s no longer about who can provide the best service ever, it’s about “who can you relate to most”. People are dying to find someone to look up to who possess the same struggles, dreams, and fears as them. They want to feel the warmth of humanity in whatever they buy into.

I mean if you look at the creative industry alone, there are lots of people with very little skill with lots of personality and will grab your attention in moments. It’s just a fact. It actually is a blessing, because it forces people to be people again and to stop hiding behind their business. You at the end of the day are your business. You are literally birthing another entity into this world to love and be loved. You business has personality and feelings that need to be expressed just like you. If not for that nothing about our businesses would be unique and nothing would really set us apart from other businesses.

What truly sets us apart is US. No one can make another you! And that’s the beauty of it all. When your prices go up, or your sales goals decline and you fall beneath the margins. You will still have those loyal clients/customers who will ride it out with you no matter what shortcomings you may endure on your rise. That’s what makes people loyal. Not the prices, but the service and the love put into it.

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