True Beauty

Beauty is truly in the eye of the one beholding it. There is not a soul on this earth who doesn’t possess it. It’s not about who can fit into the image or “universal beauty”. There is always and will always be someone who sees the beauty in you. I think a lot of people get the idea of beauty confused a lot.

They feel as though it’s something on the surface alone. But that is where they’re wrong. Beauty is a deep and spiritual thing. Now, “pretty” on the other hand is a physical characteristic that can be seen on the surface. While someone can be physically beautiful, that isn’t necessarily very telling of their actual beauty.

The key here, with the use of cosmetics and artistic expression is to extend that beauty outwardly for the world to see. It isn’t just for vanity purposes. But it’s to aid in your self confidence to make way for you to express you true beauty!

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