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About Us

Beauty School Dropout is a beauty School alternative program for makeup artists and enthusiasts located in the heart of Midtown Nashville, TN. What makes us different from actual schools is that we are a working photography and makeup studio that educates budding and thriving makeup artists and those who just love makeup for themselves. So we not only teach you, we inspire you with both a creative learning and working environment. We believe learning and realtime experience are key if you’re looking to get ahead in the beauty industry.

We also teach beauty enthusiasts as well as your everyday person. So whether you’re at the beginner stages, intermediate, or advanced level we can teach you how to MASTER YOUR OWN FACE!

Tuition Costs


Beginner Master Your Face Course | This course is designed to help you to achieve a look fit for your lifestyle. This a very simple, comprehensive, and hands on course for those with very little experience applying makeup.

2 hours | $190 without makeup kit | $290 with a makeup kit.

Includes makeup for: natural workplace friendly makeup application for your everyday lifestyle.

Intermediate Master Your Face Makeup Course – This course is designed for those who are comfortable with a simple daily makeup application and are looking to upgrade a bit.

In this course you will learn how to achieve a more glamorous look for maybe an event or night out. We will emphasize highlighting, contouring, and Smokey eyes. As well as any other areas that need a bit more practice.

2.5 hours | $250 without makeup kit | $350 with makeup kit.

Advanced Master Your Face Makeup Course

This Course is designed to bring your skills from intermediate to ADVANCED. You will learn how to achieve day or night looks, simple or full on EXTRA. Tired of always having to book a makeup appointment for special events? This is where you learn to beat your face like a pro!

3 hours | $300 without makeup kit | $400 with makeup kit.

MTF Beginner Master Your Face Makeup Course

This Course is designed to help you learn the basics of facial feminization with simple tips and tricks. Whether you’re headed to a grocery store or to the office.

2 hours | $300 without a kit | $400 with a kit.

MTF Intermediate Master Your Face Makeup Course

This Course is designed to help you learn how to amp up your looks to full on glamorous fem to fit your lifestyle. In this course you will learn how to achieve an effortless night out look.

2.5 hours | $400 without a kit | $500 with a kit.

MTF Advanced Master Your Face Makeup Course

This Course is designed to help you achieve an UNCLOCKABLE feminine beat for a night out or any event. We can take it from wearable and soft to DRAMATIC and BOLD.

3 hours | $500 without a kit | $600 with a kit.


We pack both learning and field work into one place. This is due to the fact that it is extremely hard to get paid and fulfilling industry work off of the strength of knowledge alone. Creating quality work and knowing what sets you a part from the rest can be very daunting just starting out. We understand how expensive it can be to go to makeup school that’s up to date on trends. We believe that everyone should be able to do what they love and receive quality and affordable education.

We not only help develop your talents, we also generate a lot of the paid work you will receive, in house. Our clients range from bridal to events, all the way to creative and professional photo shoots. We create a space that truly fosters a creative mind and helps to eliminate the “starving artist” mantra. We are a private studio which means smaller classrooms and more one on one support. We have colors and textures at every turn. So we don’t just want to teach you, we want to encourage you to just be an artist!


Pro Makeup Artist Course | This course was designed for those intermediate skill level artist who wish to develop into a working professional. With this course you can be ready to to work like a pro in under 6 months!

4 week course | 3 month long paid/undpaid internship to follow |

Includes makeup for: bridal/retail, print work, and tv/film. This course comes with a end of course photo shoot using skills learned in course. Students will keep images from shoot to start their portfolio off.

Following the completion of the 4 week course (after a month break) is 3 month internship. This internship will provide students with the opportunity to get hands on experience in a real studio setting while getting the opportunity for real trainings on the field. This will be both paid and unpaid internship with job opportunities to follow. Upon completion of the full internship advancing artists are then selected to be considered to work as an Artofficial artist here in our studio. We will put you on our calendar to be booked for all of our paid gigs along with our paid creative shoots.

Included: Makeup Kit | Makeup Handbook | Portfolio Shoot with Professional Photography + Retouching | Color Theory Course

$2500.00 (10% deposit of $500 to hold your spot. Then $500 monthly or $125 weekly for 4 months) 

Included: CLASS ONLY + Color Theory Course


Payments can be divided into monthly or weekly payments throughout the duration of class/internship.

Why is Color Theory important?

Color is the bedrock of makeup artistry. A lot of artists start out just wanting to go straight for the hands on knowledge and “trial and error” their way through. While this method can be helpful in the beginning, you’ll notice that you will hit a brick wall in your craft in the long run. You need Color Theory to mix and color match foundation, to correct hyper pigmentation, rosacea, and to pair certain colors together effectively. You will find that you will be an over all better artist after having mastered this Theory. 

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