Where Fantasy…

Becomes Reality

Artofficial Makeup and Photo Studio

Let us do all the work

We got Photographers!

We have over 5 years worth of experience working closely with A LOT of talented Photographers here in the Nashville. We KNOW what a quality picture is supposed to look like. Trust us, we’re doctors when it comes to this.

Just explain to us what your project vision is and we will connect you with a few of the best photographers for the job for you to choose from. We don’t charge you anything additional. Your photographer’s price remains the same as if you’d found them on your own. We are here to make sure that you get the best quality experience and photographs for your money!

And the beauty of it all is you can do everything all under one roof. No more getting your makeup and hair done in one place and photo shoot in an entirely different location. Easy, right?

Glam-Bam-Thank you ma'am!

We got Glam!

So this part is really cool too! We also have an incredible roster of stylists at the top salons here in Nashville who can and will come to our studio to get you ready for your shoot. 


Not to mention we house some of the BEST makeup artists in Nashville as well already in studio.

Just sit back have a mimosa or two, listen to your favorite tunes, and enjoy the process.

Creative Direction & Set Design

Let’s Tell A Story

A shoot just isn’t a shoot without a BOMB concept or an entire head to toe look that truly reflects you and your vision. We come together with our clients on a concept and it’s artistic direction. 

There is NO LIMIT to what we can do to make your vision come to life. Be as dramatic or as simplistic as you’d like. Photos last a lifetime, so make it worth looking back on.

If you need props or any kind of cool set design pieces, we got it! We take it there for creativity. It’s what we do very well.

Let's get it!

Our Packages

**(services can be priced a la carte (seperately)

We’ve formed these packages to help bundle services together for you. However, you don’t have to book them as packages. Just take what you need and leave what you don’t.

None of these packages include a photographer. We will be more than happy to connect you with any of our preferred photographer or videographers. However, we will not be in charge of paying for or finalizing booking details with them on your behalf.

Photoshoot Makeup

In Studio

$175.00 – Photoshoot Makeup Only!
Includes a style consultation with the Makeup Artist of your choosing and Art Director, Muse. We will create a custom makeup look tailored to the overall look and theme of your shoot.

This includes but isn’t limited to: bottom lashes, custom 3D/Mink lashes, dramatic cut creases, glitter, jewels, and other novelty items. This service will be done inside of our studio.

In Studio

Includes all of the same perks as the ‘in studio’ service but we come to your Photoshoot with you. We will stay on set for the duration of your shoot for touch ups and any makeup changes that you book. Up to 2 hours max. $85.00 an hour afterward

Art Directing Only


You will find your own photographer and Art Director, Muse will create a custom head to toe look that will match the overall theme and look of your shoot. This will fit the concept that you already have in mind.

Muse will stay on set with you for the duration of your shoot to not only help you pose and feel confident but she will ensure that you look your absolute best and that there won’t be a hair out of place.

She will also act as a liaison between you and the photographer to ensure that they understand the overall vision for the shoot. 

Makeup + Art Directing


All of the services from the Makeup package and Art Directing Package.

Muse Special


This package is a combination of all of the packages combined but with Muse as the makeup artist, art director, wardrobe stylist, and creative director. This means she will come up with the concept with and for you, style you head to toe, customize and do your makeup and hair look(s), as well as provide set props for your shoot. 


What is the style consultation?

The style consultation will be done in our studio. We try out a maximum of two different makeup looks from you to decide between.

How Many makeup looks can I get on the day of my Photoshoot?

1 look for this price. For additional makeup looks it will be $85+.

On Location