Our Story

Brittany Muse | Owner| Creative Director | Makeup Artist

About Artofficial

Artofficial started with one young artist who struggled with her identity throughout her teen years and the very early parts of her twenties. She always felt as though she had to live up to certain expectations of women and how they were supposed to look and carry themselves. She never felt as though she could be her true self, and she honestly didn’t know who that was.
At the early age of 11 Brittany discovered the powers of the illusions of image and used it to her benefit. She was completely unhappy with her appearance. She would use makeup to make herself lighter and completely unrecognizable. She would damage her hair to get the perfect look. And would wear body garments to create the perfect figure for herself, never to be seen without any of this.
She would strive for the “perfect” image, and would stop at nothing. She grew to have a lot of self hatred and her true identity and self image would be buried far beneath the surface. Many years passed and Brittany realized her talent in Makeup Artistry and started to pursue it as a career full time. Her career took off rather rapidly as she accrued big name clientele like President Barack Obama, Kanye West and several different tv and reality shows.
 After seeing some of the damaging ins and outs of the industry it transformed Brittany. It made her realize her true beauty in being her authentic self and using the elements of makeup, hair, and wardrobe as a way to creatively express one’s authentic image. She completely shed her skin and created a fresh new and most of all authentic image for herself. She realized she wasn’t meant to be that glamour girl from the magazines with the perfect curves and that her skin color was just the way it was meant to be.
After discovering her true identity she has a burning desire to create a safe haven for those who didn’t have a place of comfort to truly find and express their authentic selves. Brittany wanted to revolutionize what the beauty industry stood for and not let it tell us who or what is considered beautiful. And now, Artofficial stands firmly on the concrete values of authentic and creative self expression to help others embrace and express everything that makes them who they are.
Artofficial openly accepts every color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender expression. We are all here and we all deserve to express who we feel like no matter what!