The Sensitivity Of The Artist

I think what makes an artist so sensitive is the fact that they are completely putting the truest parts of themselves out there to be judged by the world. It’s a really admirable thing and honestly I think it takes a ton of a lot of courage to do. It’s really about owning who you are and not being afraid to express every facet of that person. We are truly multidimensional multifaceted beings with so much to explore. That’s what truly makes us so beautiful to watch!

I mean how boring would it be to just only see one side of a person all the time. It’s kind of nice that we are all so unpredictable. The mystery of a person is ultimately the beauty and excitement in that person. We all posses beautiful talents meant to be shared with the world and have uncapped potential. It’s in understand what lane we are in, learning how to master it, and in how many different ways we can express it that makes us interesting.

The artist is naturally prone to go away from the status quo and create uninhibitedly. And when we don’t we don’t feel fulfilled. It’s in making full use of your gifts and talents that you truly come alive and begin to truly live!

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