Oh boy, The Academy Awards were definitely a sight to behold! I can admit that I have never been so entertained by The Oscars in all of my existence. I mean, I live for some controversy! I most certainly got that! First and foremost, I would like to say that Chris Rock killed that hosting gig! He had me on the edge of my seat, scared, laughing, and inspired all in one! I know a lot of people felt like he went to far but I for one think that he did just what needed to be done. He used his craft to wake people up.

There is no secret that racism is still alive and well in this day and age. A lot of people (even myself at one point) felt that turning a blind eye to it and “positive-ing” it away would help. But honestly, it needs to be talked about. People need to be disturbed and outraged, even annoyed into seeing the truth before us! We can’t keep pretending that there isn’t some huge elephant in the room. I mean that man made every single attempt to be the voice for black people in that moment. I mean seriously though, people really hate when you talk about this kind of stuff.

Some people even stated that they don’t believe that Kevin Hart would have pushed the envelope that far. Probably not, that’s not his style. He wants to be liked too much. It’s like a certain level of “IDGAF” that one must possess in order to truly make a change in this world. It doesn’t just happen by tip toeing around people’s feelings. Sometimes you have to punch them in the mouth with it. And I believe that Chris Rock did just that and I couldn’t be more proud. I believe it paves the way for so many other types of people to come forward and be bold.

That man was bold! He pushed that envelope so far it fell off the table! Weewww…..

On another note, our boy Leo finally won an oscar. How cool. We are super stoked for him. He definitely deserves it!

All in all, the Oscars was awesome. Besides the Stacey Dash part…that mess was just……..hmmm….weird.

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