Don’t you just wish people would just embrace one another and it didn’t have to matter what their skin color was? There’s something terrible going on in America that has been going on for centuries now. It’s as if a stop has never been put to the racial divide. But it’s just been further hidden.

I believe that all people should have a equal rights and opportunity. You shouldn’t be treated differently because of who they are! If it’s who you are, there is nothing that you can do about it! We really have to come together as one human race and stop the division!

The police brutality and the unfair legal justice system is designed to keep people of color down and that isn’t something we can deny or ignore. We have to take a stand and fight against the injustice because these people are our brothers and sisters. No matter who or what they are. We are so much bigger than the system if we would just use our voices and stand on top of the platforms that we’ve been given.

We can’t be afraid to lose business or influence for speaking out. Such risks are worth taking. To sit on top of your influence and simply do what has always been done is selfish and nothing purposeful in it. I say if you are going to have a platform of influence, use it to make a change in the world. Don’t simply glorify yourself all the time.

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