Industry Norms


You have to do things a little different to stick out in this industry. It’s an overly saturated field. It can be a very lucrative and creatively rewarding field as well. It just seems that a lot of artists are afraid to…CREATE. They want to the things that they’ve already seen done and don’t believe that they could be the ones people marvel at. When you don’t do things to be marveled at and simply do what you love just because you love it people will naturally admire it.

It’s just about being comfortable in your own skin and understanding that there are no limits and no rules to creativity. When you are truly in full understanding of that fact you will get very, very far in this industry. You have to give something for people to remember you by. It’s not going to be by mocking or copying another artist.

Though a lot of times artists don’t intend on copying anyone but to simply be inspired. The thing is, when you look at someone’s work on a regular basis and are inspired by it enough you will start to take after them. You will start to morph into mini “such and such’s”. You have to be careful about that and just shut the world out to find your own voice. Like a recording artist for instance; if they admire and are huge fans of another artist you will be able to tell immediately.

That’s why sometimes you have to shut down and close yourself in your room and concoct your own creative plans. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t check out other artists but it does mean to be a lot more focused on your own palette.

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