Protecting makeup artists


Makeup Artists need representation. There are so many different opportunities for us out there but a lot of the time we get taken advantage of. I can’t tell you how many times (when I was an up and coming makeup artist) I would get the opportunity of a lifetime, discuss pay with the company and think we we’re all set and in agreeance. When I would show up and do my job with perfection and a bubbly attitude. I would leave and be told to invoice them or they wouldn’t say anything at all. I would then reach out to them and inquire about payment or get an invoice and a lot of the time they would run off on the bill!

I am talking big name celebrities that you would think would be rolling in dough, would just have no intentions on paying me. AND not because the work wasn’t pleasing. They always loved the finished product. It was because I had no representation and that made them feel as though I wasn’t official enough for them to have to pay. No matter how legit my resume was. It would just break my heart each and every time. It kind of makes you question your abilities as an artist.

That has a lot to do with the reason why I wanted to form my own agency. I wanted artists to be trained hands on and to be coached on proper set etiquette as well as how their portfolio book should look. Just so they can be ready in the event someone wants to book them.



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