Gender Roles

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I’ve always hated gender roles. Why should you be expected to act a certain way, walk a certain way, talk a certain way simply based off of whats in between your legs? Like it isn’t possible to have color outside the lines? There are no rules, there are only rules that we give ourselves. I mean there are tons of books with rules in them, claiming to be written by entities that have authority over us. I happen to believe we are much more than meets the eye. We are all as unique as a snowflake floating in the sky…so why on earth does the world assume there are only a few different types of people and if they are too throwed off and different then there is something wrong with them and they should seek help.

That is the most sickening thing I have ever heard! So you mean to tell me, there is only supposed to be 2 types of people and everyone else is misguided and confused? Yea, sure thing. It’s funny how often in history we show ourselves that we have always had it wrong and had to grow and learn to know better. I mean once upon a time you couldn’t be a woman and wear pants, you couldn’t marry outside of your race, women didn’t have equal rights, so forth and so on. And all of this was backed up by many “rule books”.

So I am not sure what makes people feel as though they have life figured out and they know what is right and what is wrong, what matters and what doesn’t. I mean, did it not ever occur to anyone that history is trying to tell us something. It’s trying to tell us that we are aimlessly wandering around trying to figure this thing called life out. We are learning to love one another more and more each day. We don’t know anything without trial and error. And we will never know it all, there is so much room for growth and expansion and to think that we just couldn’t possibly be flawed in our viewpoint is crazy. But the thing about it really. I feel as though it’s all about your point of view. The lower you are down, the lower your perspective, and the higher you are up the higher your perspective. I mean, everyone is right if we understand that we all have our own points of view.

Even if we are all on the same frequency as far as high and low perspectives are concerned…we still won’t necessarily have the same viewpoint. That’s just how unique we are, we process things differently and come to form our own unique conclusions based on so many of our own uniquely different variables.

In a nutshell, we are more than our stereo types and labels. We can’t be confined to expectations of the roles we are expected to play or the actions that we are expected to take.

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