Brides, Brides, and more Brides!



There is really no wrong way to be a bride. There are so many people who choose to go the traditional route and others who prefer to be a little unconventional bride. We of course love every bride but we have a true soft spot for the unconventional. It’s just something about the wow factor of an unprecedented wedding that pulls our heart strings.

Really we love to see people express their individuality. It’s mainly because we’re a people person, and sort of people watchers in a “non weird” kind of way. I’ve always had a thing for people, and astrology as well. I say that because astrology does help you understand people more, even if it doesn’t necessarily describe them to a T. It could just be little hints and insiders about who they are inside that really fascinates me.

I’m not really sure why that is exactly. I just know that I love to figure people out and pick their brains and analyze little odds and ends about them to see what it is about them that makes them who they are. Or even to see what makes them tick, it’s all really fun for me.

You just gotta love em all!

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