Being Proud Of Your Culture


I don’t know if you guys saw Beyonce’s new video “Formation”. Her makeup was bomb by the way! But, I have to say, it was very controversial and brilliant! I loved every minute of it. It celebrates the essence of black culture and being proud to be and have all of the things that we were told not to embrace.

It takes a lot of courage to come speak out on the injustice and police brutality using such a huge platform and influence. She took a huge risk with that video alone let alone the super bowl performance. But, there was a lot of backlash because of it. She ruffled quite a number of feathers and got a lot of people so upset that they are claiming they will boycott her show.

It sucks that the moment you stand up for yourself and do whats right the whole world hates you. Well, in Beyonce’s case it’s not the whole world but quite a few people. I think it is quite admirable that she use her voice for such a positive and empowering message! Racism and division has been going on for far too long within our communities and it’s about time that someone in the lime light spoke out.

People have to respect that whether they agree with her message or not. It’s not for everyone to agree with. Everyone doesn’t share the same truth so I don’t understand why one thinks that they must agree with something someone else does. We just need to give people the freedom to express themselves and their personal truths without being protested and ostracized.

Spread love and don’t repress your truth for anyone!

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