The honor of doing our one and only President Obama was truly an opportunity of a lifetime! We never thought we would get an opportunity like this and definitely not the Pres himself! The funny thing about how this all even happened and the person that made the actual reference on our behalf. It was someone I slightly knew through a client. I never really paid her much attention or thought she would be anyone I needed to know.

So she gives me call one night and tells me that she referred me to do makeup for News Anchors with NBC and Telemundo and that they would be interviewing President Obama. I didn’t think anything of it and agreed to do it. So MSNB reps called and solidified everything. I was pretty stoked at the whole idea that I would be in the same vicinity as Obama! But never for one second thought I would be doing his makeup.

So a day before I was supposed to arrive on set they called me while I was in court and told me that they also needed me to do President Obama that day as well!! Of course I cried like a baby after the news and jumped for joy!

They had me drive to the fairgrounds to meet the shuttle that would then take us to the actual location where I’d be searched and placed in a glass room strictly monitored until Mr. Obama arrived. When he arrived I had to pick out what color foundation and other materials all before I actually saw his face, so I had to guess his color. I was actually spot on!

So with that out of the way I was escorted into the room where he was. He introduced himself to me –as if I didn’t know lol. Then I introduced myself and told him I was honored and nervous. He asked why –as if he didn’t know lol. But once I proceeded to do his makeup my nerves calmed completely. He was so refreshing and human it was hard to not be comfortable.

So after that The Secret Service guys asked me to take a picture WITH HIM! I was stoked, not only did they get that picture but they had taken pictures of me touching him up in the interview room and sent them to me!!! So I had all kinds of proof to rub into peoples faces! ahahaha! Victory was mine! lol


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