Speaking Art To The People


The unconventional.

Is the artist who could.

The Artist who did.

The artist who would.

For the purpose of saving a people.

Speaking to their highest self.

Through the unfiltered ears of the super conscious.

To awaken talents within.

To set free.

Just a short poem to summarize what comes to mind when I see this work we did in the picture above. It just gives us leading edge, innovation, and freedom. You have to be and do all of those things to be a creator and creative. You can’t be afraid to do something that hasn’t been done before. It’ll be the best thing you ever did if you were willing to do something different.

If you want to make a mark yo have to be bizarre and have a few people question your beliefs and your viewpoint. That’s what makes it all worth while. When you can stand out on a ledge and show you talents to the world and be a success all at the same time, right after being a fool in their eyes. It’s just exhilarating!

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