Three reasons you should use a Professional Makeup Artist on your big day

We get asked this questions a lot. Should I use a Professional Makeup Artist for my big day? ABSOLUTELY! Below are the reasons why every bride should have a MUA for her wedding day!

  1. Because pictures enhance flaws and we ALL have them.
  2. You don’t want to look back on your wedding day only to find that your pores are huge and obvious and you have dark circles around your eyes.
  3. You want to look your best for one of the most memorable day of your life. We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful in their own way to someone! But even the most beautiful of people could use a little help. Even if that means just using a little BB Cream to even out the complexion or a little concealer for some dark spots and discoloration.

It’s really always up to you how much or how little you decide to use. I understand that a lot of brides fear looking like a new woman walking down the aisle and their hubby won’t recognize them. Well put that fear to rest, you can be simple or dramatic and the artist should always do what you feel most comfortable in!


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