A Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot that goes deeper

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Most Boudoir Photoshoots just bring out a camera and direct you to certain poses to make you “look” sexy. However, we like to take it a step further to ensure that you absolutely “feel” sexy from the inside out.

So there is no real need to “pose” as sexy when you are truly tapped in to your sexual energy. We combine the physical aspect (makeup, wardrobe, hair, set design, etc) with the spiritual aspect of the energy of sensuality itself.

Each Boudoir shoot includes a creative consultation to discuss the creative look and feel of the shoot. We will try out makeup looks and discuss the creative concept.

To prepare for the shoot itself it comes with a preparation class with a professional sensual movement coach to help build your confidence with moving your own body. This helps improve posing and confidence on set. Each day is 45 minutes each session.

Your first practice session begins with an energetic session consists of consists of incense, a quick reiki healing session by a Certified Reiki Master to help move out some of that “stuck energy” in your sacral chakra (your sensual energy center).

We know that tapping into your inner sexy is not easy all the time. So each part of the preparation session is designed to get you in the ZONE and have you so tapped in that you forget you’re in front of a camera.

Sexual energy is entirely spiritual. So we have our bases covered!

Bring your partner or fly solo

Did I mention that you are able to do the shoot with your partner. We could make it about both of your expression of love and sexuality or it could be all about you. So don’t worry, they could simply be a prop and not require much camera time if they aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera.

And honestly, it could be kind of hot for them to watch and be a part.

So at the end of the day it’s all about you.

Creative Direction & Set Design

Let’s Tell A Story

When you think of boudoir shoots you think of a sexy pose in lingerie by a window sill with the sunlight peeking in. Oh, and of course you can’t forget the bed shot, right?

We’re kind of bored of it, to be honest. Everyone’s idea of being sexy is entirely different. What makes one person feel sexy won’t necessarily work for the next. It’s all about unlocking YOUR inner sexy and doing it your own way.

Just because most boudoir shoots are in a simple bedroom setting doesn’t mean yours has to be.

Sometimes what we find is that a dope concept, a creative look, and the right vibe is all that’s needed to let the moment takes over.

So let’s get your consultation scheduled and come up with something amazing and frame worthy together!

We really want to see your confidence soar. And our hopes are that you will leave your session with us empowered in your sexual and creative expression.

Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day!