Artofficial Muse

Want free makeup services?

Artofficial Muse is someone who is uniquely them and expresses themselves loudly and proudly! We are looking for people to join us in spreading the movement! We are looking for people like you to be the face and voice of Artofficial to show people what we’re about.

When you sign up to be a Muse you will get free weekly full face makeup services and(once a week) 25% off of any of our other studio services. You will also get to model in any of our promotional shoots for our studio.

All that is required of you is to repost any promotions and advertisements that we ask for you to post to all of your social media platforms, tag us in any selfies that you take (must post at least one on the date of free service), and check in on both Facebook and Instagram for your followers to see.

Sounds like a sweet deal to us!

Fill out the form below with a brief (or long) message explaining why you’d like to be selected along with your instagram name! If you seem like our kind of gal/guy we’ll reach out to you and make it official!

Artofficial Muse Submission