We have recently been asked to leave our location at 305 E. Trinity Lane due to our landlord gifting the space to his daughter for her Yoga practice. This hit us like a ton of bricks and left us starting all the way from scratch. Artofficial is a huge heart dream of mine that I’ve fought and worked hard to keep afloat for several years now. However, In order for us to keep going and growing we truly need your help!

We have encountered several obstacles and hardships on our journey to find a solid location and stick with it over the past few years. We have now found a new location and we are excited to move in officially. However, there is a lot that needs to be done before we can and funds are honestly very tight. I want to continue to bring our full vision to life of providing a place of creative self expression and freedom to the Nashville area. We truly believe in our dream and want to show our city what we truly have to offer and that it’s bigger than just makeup and photos. Until we are able to tie those loose ends we have been mobile and that is making it quite hard to perform at the capacity that we know that we can.

We aren’t asking for just a donation, because we understand how hard everyone works for their earnings. So in return any dollar amount donated will apply toward your next service with us. If you give $65 or more, we are offering 2 free full face makeup services redeemable anytime within the next 6 months. We appreciate and accept any donation that you are both willing and able to give.

I truly appreciate any donation that you are able to give. If you aren’t able to give we understand and ask for all of your prayers and positive vibes during this trying season for us. I know we can pull through with your help and our hard work and perseverance.

Nothing great was built alone and we truly appreciate your help!

Thank you in Advance!

Artofficial is starting a beauty revolution through creative self expression.

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