Beauty School Drop Out

A beauty school that has no rules..

Educating yourself is key if you’re looking to get ahead in the beauty industry. Keeping up with the new trends, finding quality work, and knowing what sets you apart from the rest can be very daunting tasks. Especially when you’re just getting started. We understand how pricey it can be to go to makeup school to learn the things you need to know in order to be successful. We believe that everyone should be able to do what they love, receive a quality education, and not break the bank doing it.

Being a struggling artist is a real thing and we want to help minimize the struggle in any way that we can.

Beauty School Drop out is designed for the beginner/budding MUA all the way to the pros needing to brush up on some new techniques.

Following the completion of the 4 day course, we will hand select advancing students to intern with us for a full calendar year. This will be both paid and unpaid internship with job opportunities to follow.

Makeup Courses for Pro MUAs/ Makeup Enthusiast
(Must bring own model)

Course 1:One on One Course(4 days/ 10 hours total)


FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS ONLY (for intermediate and advanced students. Beginners should take private 3 day courses)

This course is designed to help the already working artists to take their careers to the next level. You will learn everything needed to perfect your craft and grab the attention of your desired clientele base. Not only will you learn the latest makeup trends but you will also learn how to properly market yourself on social media and establish a solid portfolio to get you well on your way to being a full-time Professional Makeup Artist. There will only be a maximum of 6 students to a class to ensure everyone gets equal attention.

Unlike most makeup schools/courses we offer paid internships following the successful completion of each course. During this internship you will be not only be getting actual paid work but will be working under our tutelage all along the way. This is to ensure that you will be fully comfortable with whatever job you undertake.



Day 1: Face Structure + Color Theory

  • Identifying and understanding face shapes
  • Color Theory
  • Adjusting foundation colors without mixing foundations
  • Understanding undertones
  • Proper skin prep for all skin types
  • Color correcting blemishes
  • Highlighting and Contouring


Day 2: Eyes

  • Working with hooded/Asian eyelids
  • Proper liner techniques for all eye shapes
  • Blending eyeshadows/cut creasing
  • Proper liner techniques
  • Eyeshadow colors
  • Brow placement
  • Brow sculpting


Day 3: Growing your business

  • How to get more clients
  • How to build an awesome website and web presence
  • How to build your network
  • Recreating makeup looks
  • Establishing your niche


Day 4: Photoshoot makeup

  • Proper lighting
  • Taking Photos for social media
  • Makeup heaviness
  • How to create your portfolio

$699.00 (3 installments of $233.00) **without kit ( only bookable for 1 on 1 courses NOT group)

$999.00 (3 installments of $333.00) **with kit

This course is specifically designed for a budding Makeup Artist looking to learn to get their start. We will be learning makeup from start to finish. From Color theory, to face shapes, to doing makeup for photography. Each one on one student will get optimum training at their pace. This course will definitely set any budding artist out on the right foot.

We firmly believe in learning to be creative with techniques when learning and to not necessarily rely on the high end makeup products first. So, our starter kits will be stocked with affordable but high quality beauty products that we know are tried and true for a complete look. We believe that if you can please your client with lower end products, then you are sure to wow them with higher end. It takes a certain type of skill set to master your craft as an artist without depending on the product to work for you.


Classes include: Makeup handbook to take home and study, color wheel, and personal makeup kit. Below are all of the steps that will be included in this lesson:

Day 1 – Base

Color theory

  • Primary colors
  • Secondary colors
  • Tertiary colors
  • How to pick eyeshadow colors
  • How to find client undertone
  • How to bring an entire look together


  • Skin prep
  • Color correcting
  • Foundation application
  • Highlighting/contouring techniques


Day 2 – Framing


  • Brow grooming
  • Proper brow placement/shaping
  • Blending techniques
  • Proper brow cleanup techniques


  • How to use color theory to pick eyeshadow colors
  • Eye Shapes
  • Proper shadow placement
  • How to pick transition colors
  • Liner Techniques
  • False lash application


  • Liner application
  • Lipstick/gloss application
  • Lip contouring


Day 3 – Photography Makeup (only with kit otherwise will be a day of showing mastery of previous lesson)

This lesson will be in our live photography set.

  • What products show up best
  • How heavy/light to apply the makeup
  • How to do editorial makeup
  • Lighting and why it’s important in makeup artistry

Course 3: Pro Artist Refresher

4.5 hours


This course is designed for the established pro just looking to brush up on a few skills.

  • Perfect brow technique
  • Cut crease
  • seamless blending
  • Flawless/photo ready makeup (in live photo studio)
  • highlighting and contouring technique


This course comes with a makeup handbook.


Course 2 : Master Your Own Face

2.5 hours


This course is designed for the everyday person to learn how to completely master their own face. From highlighting to contouring and brows, you will literally learn it all.


  • Finding your undertone
  • Foundation blending
  • Highlighting and contouring
  • How to choose eye shadow colors
  • Eye shadow blending
  • Color correcting,
  • Perfect liner techniques
  • Lash application
  • Natural brow sculpting
  • Best products to use for your skin tone

This course comes with color wheel and makeup handbook.

$175 without kit

$250 with kit

$395 (2 installments of $197.50) **without kit

$595 (2 installments of $297.50) **with kit